Welcome to the TimTeddy Adventures Wiki!Edit

Welcome to the TimTeddy Adventures Wiki. This is the new wiki since the old one was shut down. Anyways feel free to read anything! I hope you guys like this wiki but if you don't, then that's okay with me. So since you came to visit this wiki, please go read the page titled TimTeddy, so you know who he is and stuff. More information about it next.

About TimTeddy AdventuresEdit

TimTeddy Adventures actually first started in 2009 but the wiki starts now. TimTeddy Adventures is a series about the bears on their adventures and saving the cities from bad guys, known as Man-Eaters. The Man-Eaters are vicious and dangerous organisms formed by a certain type of lava which flows from Brown Volcanoe. TimTeddy and his friends work together to kill them and end them for good but will they succeed? Well we may find out one day. Now enjoy everything on this wiki while you can.


Urm... You can actually own every character on this wiki as a teddy bear. except the man-eaters and vector characters. However i'm not much of a collector myself but I do collect some items. Not teddy bears I don't play with them. The merchandise is available everywhere in the world but extremely rare to find but who needs merchandise?

Appearances for other mediaEdit

TimTeddy Adventures is only available on this wiki. This tells alot of their stories, and information about characters also roleplaying may come in the wikia very soon. However... There was going to be a show about TimTeddy Adventures but it would not be featuring the Man-Eaters or vector characters OR any characters except TimTeddy, Paw, Whitney, Lizzie, Dukky, Snowman and some others but the show will not appear any time soon but may see the light of day someday or maybe it won't since due to lack of popularity....

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